For the largest domes: 

Wherever they are on the globe, large planetariums attract large audiences. They are places of multimedial experience. Live shows, as well as carefully produced pre-recorded shows are offered. For those large multimedia dome theaters, a fulldome system is a matter of course.

Powerdome Universe Theaters 

Optical-mechanical and digital planetarium
It is for these spectacular theaters with dome sizes up to 50 m in diameter that UNIVERSARIUM has been designed, the top-of-the-line model among the ZEISS planetarium projectors. The VELVET fulldome system has been developed especially for planetariums attaching great importance to the presentation of the night sky. VELVET projectors deliver dome-covering imagery of extremly high contrast, brightness and resolution, as a hamonic complement to UNIVERSARIUM. Shadow-free projection obliquely past the central star projector is absolutely no problem. 


It is no question that all fulldome systems from ZEISS also work without, and independently from, a planetarium projector and vice versa. For large domes ZEISS also offers varied systems based on commercial video projectors, which will be configured to individual requirements.