• Sky Theaters

    Sky Theaters

    For domes from 6 m to 15 m in diameter:
    Projection equipment for small domes up to about 15 m in diameter should occupy little space while delivering brilliant projections and superb sound – demands that are exceptionally satisfied by the ZEISS Sky Theaters. The planetarium projector, a SKYMASTER ZKP 4, provides a starry sky of peerless brilliance, and the matching fulldome systems cooperate with all astronomical functions. No matter whether you call it a hybrid planetarium or a combined system, a ZEISS Sky Theater ensures that optical-mechanical and digital projections are presented in perfect synchronism.

  • Star Theaters

    Star Theaters

    For domes from 14 m to 24 m in diameter:
    Projecting a fascinatingly clear and brilliant night sky is indispensable also for many planetariums with larger domes – planetariums that not only disseminate knowledge but also offer various programs in the fields of science, culture and entertainment.

  • Universe Theaters

    Universe Theaters

    For the largest domes:
    Wherever they are on the globe, large planetariums attract large audiences. They are places of multimedial experience. Live shows, as well as carefully produced pre-recorded shows are offered. For those large multimedia dome theaters, a fulldome system is a matter of course.