Zeiss ReLEX SMILE: 10 years of successful story.

 Zeiss ReLEX SMILE: 10 years of successful story.


SMILE is a laser eye surgery success story that already looks back on 10 years. First performed on a human eye in 2007 by Walter Sekundo with a VisuMax® femtosecond laser from ZEISS, it became commercially available in 2011 with the launch of ReLEx® SMILE from ZEISS. Today over 1,000 surgeons worldwide in over 62 countries already practice SMILE. As an FDA approved procedure, it offers clinics an additional LVC option with great prospects to enhance their services portfolio.


As can be observed in various surgical specialties, there is a growing trend toward minimally invasive procedures and applications. With small incision lenticule extraction, better known as SMILE, that trend has also become the standard for Laser Vision Correction. SMILE holds tremendous potential for significant practice growth. Thanks to ZEISS ReLEx SMILE, refractive procedures grew an average of more than 200% per ZEISS VisuMax laser in China. Also, SMILE and corneal inlays are expected to boost refractive volume by 8.3% in the US in 2017.  

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