Cytospin® 4 Cytocentrifuge (Thermo Scientific)

Synonymous with cytocentrifugation for over 40 years, this reliable instrument is used in more than 16,000 laboratories worldwide. It provides economical thin layer preparations from any liquid matrix, especially hypocellular fluids such as spinal fluids and urines.

Cytospin_Cut_out.gif• Process 12 specimens at one time 
• Accepts all protocols from Cytospin 1, 2 and 3
• Redesigned lid release mechanism allows for onehanded opening and closing
• Only operates when the lid is locked into position and lid remains locked during rotation• Polycarbonate window allows the operator to see the sealed head during cytocentrifugation
• Accidental fluid spillage will not damage the mechanical or electronic components
• Designed for easy disinfecting
• Meets stringent IEC 61010 standards for centrifuge safety
• Pull-out program card allows for up to nine programs to be logged for fast and convenient retrieval

Safe and Reliable

• Protects the operator before, during, and after sample preparation. Allows user to load the sealed head in a microbiological cabinet for ultimate safety 
• Auto-locking, plastic outer lid  
• Autoclavable sealed head 
• Disposable sample chambers with caps
• Safety alarms that protect users and specimens
• Wipe-clean control panel

Simple Principle for Excellent Presentation

• Using centrifugal principles, the cytocentrifuge deposits cells onto a clearly defined area of a glass slide and allows for the absorption of the residual fluid into the sample chamber’s filter card
• Cytocentrifugation also constructively flattens cells for excellent nuclear presentation
• During operation, the instrument’s spinning action tilts Thermo Scientific Cytofunnels® upright and centrifuges cells onto the deposition area of the slide, giving all cell types equal opportunity for presentation
• In the Load or Stop position, this unique tilting feature reduces cell loss by preventing residual fluid from coming into contact with the prepared slide

Simple and Precise Controls

• Protected program memory stores up to 23 routines for instant recall and protects from power loss
• Program keypad has “easy-touch” design that allows for easier key strokes and more intuitive programming
• Speed window displays the programmed spinning speeds from 200 to 2000rpm
• Three acceleration control buttons allow the operator excellent flexibility and exceptional protection for fragile samples
• Time window displays the programmed and remaining run time from 1 to 99 min
• Control feature has a standby power saving mode;
displays are also turned on and off by the standby key
• Safety alarms include an audible alarm when the cytocentrifuge is out of balance, outside the speed tolerance or if the lid is not properly locked
• Unit will not spin if the lid is not locked
• Specimen safety alarm feature reminds users at oneminute intervals to remove specimens, protect them from “air-drying” and ensure consistent results